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What is a Gemolite?
A Gemolite is a man-made jewel, produced in Switzerland and has been sold by The House of Gemolite for the last 33 years! It is now possible to purchase Gemolite jewellery, for a fraction of the cost of an expensive diamond, SO PERFECT that only experts can tell them apart and only after putting them through various technical tests.
The only VISIBLE difference is the price. Genuine diamonds are produced under tremendous heat. SO ARE GEMOLITES!
Genuine diamonds have a cubic molecular structure. SO DO GEMOLITES! Genuine diamonds have a fire and brilliance measured by the refractory scale as 2.4. SO DO GEMOLITES!
Real diamonds are hand-cut and polished by expert diamond-cutters. SO ARE GEMOLITES!!! What is the difference then? Simply this... a diamond, which is the hardest substance in the world, is harder than a Gemolite. A Gemolite, the most magnificent man-made jewel, can't be told from a diamond and knowledgeable people in America and Europe have been taking advantage of that fact. Many wealthy people, famous celebrities, including a number famous for their diamond collections are, when appearing in public, actually wearing Gemolites. They leave their diamonds in the safe, but they're not telling, and unless they do, there is no way you could possibly know.
Magnificent Settings
We are so proud of Gemolites that we guard their reputation jealously, and have therefore set Gemolites in the same magnificent 18 carat solid gold mounting used for the expensive diamonds.
All Gemolite stones come with a guarantee against loss of colour and brilliance under normal wear. House of Gemolite also provides a 10 day money back satisfaction guarantee.
What are the Differences between Gemolites and Diamonds?
From your point of view - as an owner and a wearer - there are few practical differences between a Gemolite and a Diamond. Both stones look alike, both stones have the same basic cubic molecular structure, both stones are cut the same way, both stones are polished the same way, and both are clear white, brilliant and fiery! The differences between them are, for the most part, highly technical in nature that you almost have to be a scientist to understand them.
Customer Testimony
The quality and durability of our Gemolite jewellery is best summed up by one of our customers who wrote:
"I have been wearing a Gemolite engagement ring for 25 years now, purchased from your store. I have never had a problem with it and it still looks as good today as it did back then. I am looking forward to purchasing another one for my 25th wedding anniversary in October 2004."

Mrs. D. F.